Vigo, 1997 
Director | Assisant Director

2019 – 2020  ESCAC, Master’s Degree in Film Directing, Barcelona                                            
2017 – 2019   University of Santiago de Compostela, Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication
2016 – 2017   University of Vigo, Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication

Current   Member of  CREA
Current   Member of the Academia Galega do Audiovisual
Current   AD in videoclips, advertising and fiction 
Current   Film critic in «A Cuarta Parede»; first digital magazine in galician language about cinema
2017         Member of the first Young Jury at the «Cineuropa Film Festival» (Santiago de Compostela)

2021   Videoclip «Llama Encendida» for Los Hermanos Cubero & Rodrigo Cuevas,
            produced by Vampire Films and Primavera Labels
2020  Shortfilm «Apocalypse Later»
2020  Fashionfilm «Casarello» published in Kaltblut Magazine
2020  Shortfilm «Los zapatos del Padre Judas»
2019   Shortfilm «Génesis»
2019   Video-essay «Le temps (ne) detruit (pas) tout»
2019   Fashionfilm «Los Santos Work Outfit» published in French Fries Magazine
2018   Videoclip «Solitary Light» for the band Turn To Dust
2017   Experimental shortfilm «Heimlich 1421»

2021   Editorial photograhy and fashion film publication at French Fries Magazine
2021   Editorial photography and fashion film publication at Kaltblut
2020  Winner of the IV Maria Luz Morales Award for best international video-essay with my film
            «Le temps (ne) detruit (pas) tout»
2018   Editorial photography publication at Vogue Italia
2017   Projection of my shortfilm «Heimlich 1421» at the Novos Cinemas Film Festival

Assistant Director
2021    AD in «44», a videoclip for Bad Gyal and Rema by Belledenuit
2021    AD in «Tranquila», a videoclip for Aina da Silva by Belledenuit
2021    AD in “La Herida Luminosa”, shortfilm by Christian Avilés produced by ESCAC Films
2021    AD in “Bocadelia Fajitas” commercial, produced by LaCosa
2021    AD in «Tú me das», a videoclip for Malxs by Belledenuit
2021    AD in «Judas» a videoclip for Bad Gyal and Khea by Belledenuit
2021    2AD in «Zorra (Remix)» a videoclip for Bad Gyal and Rauw Alejandro by Belledenuit
2020   AD in several shortfilms during my studies at ESCAC
2019    AD in «Toda Aspereza», shortfilm directed by Pablo Aguilar
2018    AD in «Leucoíña!», shortfilm directed by Pablo Aguilar
2017    AD in «Antemoesa», experimental shortfilm by Pablo Aguilar

Courses and seminaries
April 2021                  «Na mente da creación» by Lucrecia Martel (CREA Masterclass)
March 2021               «O proceso creativo» by Pablo Berger (CREA Masterclass)
March 2021               «O proceso creativo» by Carla Simón (CREA Masterclass)
March 2021               «O universo da distribución cinematográfica» by Ismael Martín (CREA Masterclass)
November 2019        «Directing Conceptual Audiovisual Pieces» by director Jiajie Yu Yan (Online)
April-June 2017       «Correntes» by director Oliver Laxe (Pontevedra, Spain)
March-May 2017      «AuGal» Masterclasses by AGADIC (Pontevedra, Spain)
December 2016        «Só se fai unha primeira película unha vez» by director Javier Rebollo (Pontevedra, Spain)